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       Shanghai great dragon Peng cover new material Co. Ltd is a production, research and development, sales and construction as one of the modern PVC elastic floor manufacturers, large dragon products have been a number of patents and registered trademarks, in the domestic market, our products are sold in over more than 30 countries and regions.          
      In Korea, LG, France, Gerflor and many other international brands monopolize the market, the big dragon as a private enterprise stand out. Great dragon floor independent research and development, continue to launch its own unique products, to fill the gaps in the domestic PVC flooring, plastic flooring industry, in many brands occupy a place, and gradually integrated with international brands, to achieve international standards.           
     Shanghai dragon dragon PVC floor factory, the existing production staff of more than 1000 people, with a total investment of about 1000000000, products are widely used in Shanghai Expo China Pavilion, as well as Macao University and other large buildings.                 
     In recent years, decoration materials pollution continue to affect people's health of life, the big dragon PVC floor, it is the main component of polyvinyl chloride and calcium silicate, these two elements are non-toxic, no pollution on the ground using environmentally friendly decorative materials, in line with the pursuit of green, healthy living consumption concept.
     2003, Wenzhou Mr. Li Derong as Guangdong entrepreneurs to Shanghai, open PVC floor, plastic floor with the market, dare to think, dare, daring spirit, deep research, PVC flooring, plastic flooring knowledge, innovation, development and production of PVC composite flooring, has developed on behalf of the latest technology in homogeneous floor to break the monopoly of foreign companies in the market of high-end office.           
     With the development of the company, Mr. Li Derong as outstanding private entrepreneurs, but also environmental protection rubber floor, PVC development of a number of areas such as building templates, will ultimately be more environmentally friendly materials into our life, to achieve the ultimate goal of building a large dragon, in the The seas are in turmoil., reveals the true colour of a hero.
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