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Main business: coil PVC flooring, sheet PVC flooring, rubber flooring, sports flooring and so on

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PVC flooring manufacturers
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The The Dragon shed cover new material Co. Ltd., plastic floor ten brand, the leading brand, Shanghai famous elastic flooring industry, in the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, is a set design, production and sales as one of the professional company, is the largest manufacturer of PVC plastic floor, a total investment of 500 million yuan and has 180 thousand square meters of modern production base, and the introduction of the worlds most advanced production line 10, the company mainly produces and sells PVC flooring, rubber flooring, bamboo fiber board lock floor.
Pure color PVC floor roll
2.0mmpvc floor roll foamed back layer
2.0mm thickness PVC floor roll
2.0mm thickness commercial PVC floor roll
1.6mm thickness commercial PVC floor roll
2.6mm thickness commercial PVC floor roll
1.8mm thickness PVC floor roll
Dense PVC floor roll-NO.9
PVC floor roll only 1.6 thickness - special pric
No direction of homogeneous flooring - Maria ser
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Is the PVC floor a plastic floor

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How many kinds of PVC floors are there

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<font color='#0000FF'>The hospital using homog</font> <font color='#333333'>Chinese kindergarten PVC</font> 大巨龙pvc地板办公场所案 大巨龙养老院pvc地板案例 大巨龙橡胶楼梯踏步施工案 上海某办公场所使用大巨龙 <font color='#0000FF'>大巨龙pvc地板皇城根小学</font> 大巨龙NO.11PVC地板农大案 <strong>大巨龙由方向同质透心地板</strong> 大巨龙韩立龙木纹pvc地板
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